Workers' Compensation

Financial Relief When You're Hurt at Work

Mississippi Workers’ Comp. Lawyers Fighting to Get You Maximum Benefits

If your are hurt on the job we will fight to get you all the benefits that the law provides.

Our experienced workers compensation lawyers and staff will pursue your claim to get you temporary benefits while you are unable to work and compensation for any permanent injuries your suffer.

Many workplace injuries can result in a workers comp. claim including:

  • Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall
  • Fall to lower level
  • Overexertion
  • Being struck by a moving object
  • Impact with a stationary object
  • Car or truck accident
  • Machinery accident
  • Repetitive motion injury
  • Workplace violence

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Help That Comes to You

If you are not well enough to come to our office, our lawyers and staff will come to you.

“I was injured at work and did not hire an attorney to handle my Workers’ Compensation claim, so I did not get very much money. A couple of years later I called Elmore & Peterson [now Elmore Litton] and they were able to sue the company that installed the machine that injured me. They got me a lot more money for my injuries.”

Sergio H., Jackson, MS

Bilingual Lawyers and Staff

We have English and Spanish speaking staff. If you give us notice, we can provide interpreters for other languages.

Frequently Asked Immigration Questions

It is your employer’s responsibility to provide all of the medical attention you need from the first visit to the emergency room to the doctor’s final release from care. This obligation of the employer only ends when the injured worker reaches maximum medical improvement. If the employer does not fulfill these obligations you should contact Elmore & Litton so we can give you a free consultation on your case.

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