Brandi Stewart

Office Manager

Brandi Stewart, a Mississippi native, has spent her entire life in the vibrant state, originating from Morton, Mississippi, where she graduated from Morton High School. In September 2023, Brandi embarked on a new chapter by joining Elmore Litton Law Firm. With over eleven years of professional administrative experience, including roles as a manager and Office Manager, Brandi brings a multi-faceted background highlighted by strong customer service skills.

Brandi is passionate about helping people with what they need — from her family and friends to the clients and team at Elmore Litton Law Firm. Her deep-rooted commitment to efficiency and organization has been honed through years of professional experience. Brandi's attention to detail and dedication to excellence allow the team to focus on delivering top-notch legal services to clients.

As the Office Manager, Brandi finds immense satisfaction in supporting the dedicated legal team, especially while working with immigration and criminal clients. Dealing with immigration matters requires a delicate balance of compassion and expertise. Witnessing her team navigate through the complexities of immigration law to help reunite families or secure a path to a new beginning is incredibly rewarding. The significance of these cases is well understood, and it's an honor for Brandi to contribute to outcomes that positively impact lives.

In the realm of criminal law, every case is unique, demanding a strategic and thoughtful approach. Brandi takes pride in supporting the attorneys as they advocate for clients, ensuring their rights are protected and justice is served. The collaborative effort within the firm creates an environment where dedication to clients' well-being is paramount. With her Mississippi roots and a solid eight-year record in office management, Brandi Stewart plays a crucial role in the success and smooth operation of Elmore Litton Law Firm.

Apart from her professional engagements, Brandi is a committed mother to her son. During her free time, she treasures moments with her family and friends, finds joy in fishing, and enjoys spending time with her son and their dogs Monty, Moose, and Myrtle Jean. Brandi also appreciates the beauty of the outdoors.