Rabiyyah Camara

Immigration Paralegal

Proud of her Mississippi Delta and West African background, Rabiyyah is driven by passion and a commitment to social justice.

Rabiyyah holds a bachelor’s degree in African Political Systems and Development from Mount Holyoke College and a master’s degree in Health Policy and Management from Jackson State University.

As a recipient of the Ford-Melon Research Fellowship, she lived among an African immigrant community in England where she studied various aspects of the community.

Rabiyyah is currently a Community Health Research fellow with Mississippi State Department of Health.

Rabiyyah has more than seven years of experience in the non-profit arena, serving underserved groups such as the elderly, low-income and immigrants. Her most recent position, prior to joining Elmore & Peterson Law Firm, was serving refugee children fleeing civil war and social unrest in their home countries.

With extensive knowledge of a broad range of subjects, from social services to world issues, Rabiyyah works closely with our lawyers, aiding in legal research and immigration document preparation. She is excited to delve further into the world of immigration law and she desires to be a powerful voice for the voiceless.