Diana Hodges

Legal Assistant / Spanish Interpreter

Diana Hodges was born in Brownsville, Texas; right next to Matamoras, Tamaulipas, Mexico, where many of her relatives were born.

Although born a U.S. Citizen, her mother and 2 older siblings were not, and she was able to watch them become permanent residents and later U.S. Citizens.

Diana grew up in Morton, Mississippi where she graduated from Morton High School, got married, and now has 3 wonderful children.

As a military spouse, Diana and her family now reside in North Carolina where she has worked as a legal assistant for immigration law firms for the last 4 years. Diana’s work in Immigration Law has helped people from all over the world and families like her own experience the “American Dream”.

She is proud of her military family and her work at Elmore Litton, where she strives to help immigrant families like her own find a safe life in their chosen country and community.